10 Free Android Racing Games That Are Very Strong


Often you must have seen that people are holding the mobile exactly like a car staining and using it in the same fashion. Not so much in a while they will be very happy or very strong. But what is the realization of a racing game is something like this.

The one who plays is just immersed in it. The special thing can be said that today mobile has become very powerful and screen resolution is much better. In such a way, you can feel better at mobile racing games. Next we have given information about such a strong racing game that once you play you will not get up.

Junky Highway 2

This game of racing is very popular. After playing this game you probably will not look towards the other game. As the name implies, zombie, who can also be dead alive, they will be here to tease you. You have to complete your task while hitting them. In this game you will find more than 6 redesign cars and more than 18 weapons. The game’s design is superb and the style of play is also fun.

Asphalt 8

If someone likes a racing game too much then the name of the Asphalt 8 will definitely take. The list of your best racing game can not be completed without it. In this game ghosts can not be found, but the track is so great that you will feel the real McLolen car driving in the game. Not only this, you will also have difficulties in the game and you will also find Quway with victory. With this you can assemble your car. This racing game is very fun to play and the way to play is as easy

GT Racing 2

GT Racing 2 is a great option for you, if you like Ray Sing games that are realistic to drive everyday cars. In this game you will find more than 71 car models and more than 13 tracks. Though it would be easy to see but it would not be as easy to follow on these tracks.

Real Racing 3

The popularity of this racing game can be estimated by the fact that it has won many awards in the gaming app. As the name suggests, you will be given similar car and features along with the actual racing track. In the game you will find more than 140 details about cars like Lamborghini, Ferraris and Mercedes-Benz. You can choose the track according to the different locations in the game, which will make you feel the racing tournament absolutely.

Beach Garden Racing

Not everybody likes speed and hit racing games. Someone likes light-tickling racing games too. If you also like something similar, then you will love the beach garden rises. It will thrill you through passing through horizontal trails. Not only this. Its graphics and the way to play is also so fantastic that you will be absolutely zoomed. In it, you will find a new look car which you can customize, not only in the game you will also get power.

Asphalt Extreme

If you want a lot of action in the racing game, then you will definitely like the Asphalt Extreme. There is no rule of gaming in it. You can win anytime. Even if it does not have to break ten counts for it. The graphics in this game is so fantastic that you will realize that you are driving on that location only. Not only this, you will also find many brand vehicles including Mitsubishi, Ford and Ferraris, which will only make you feel racing.

Need Need for Speed ​​No Limits

Need for speed is one of the oldest racing games. In the beginning people also loved it quite well in Java based phones. Even today, NEED for Speed’s popularity remains intact. In this game you will find a car from one to which you can race. If you win the race, you will be rewarded so that you can upgrade your car as is often seen in the game. But you will also get power in Need for Speed ​​No Limits, which you can use in racing. The game is so fantastic that once you play, then maybe spend the hours with it.

Trial Frontier

If you are fond of bike racing if you are away from the car, the trial frontier can be your first choice. In this game you will find more than 250 Challenge, which is its biggest attraction. At the same time, with the bike you just do not run on the road but in high mountains and even in the snow. You can do many tricks in this. You can choose from bikes to riders for racing. Overall, this game is able to make you completely enthralled.

Angry Birds Go

One version of Angry Birds, one of the most popular games of the smartphone, is for racing. In this you will not see cars and bikes, but the cart will be seen with which the race will be installed. If this game of Angry Bird does not have green pig, then it may be incomplete. They are also in this game and have to do the race from them. You will love this game with fun graphics.

Smash bandit racing

Yes, the racing game is also quite fun. On the other hand, it can be said that you remain in the entire game and you can break any obstacles that come in the way. This game is on the streets of America and reflects the racing duo. In this, you will have many types of car options while playing the game and you will be given more than 100 challenges in the game.




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