5 things that make Samsung Galaxy S8 the best




Samsung's latest flagship smartphone Galaxy S8 and its second model Galaxy S8 Plus has been launched in India. After the first look in Techworld, it is not just specifications but it is also ahead of all in terms of features. Let's take a look at the five things of the Galaxy S8 that make it special from other flagship phones.


In terms of design Samsung Galaxy S8 has given birth to new technology. This phone is introduced on Infinity Display, which is equipped with a dual-edge display with a 18: 9 screen to body ratio.

Iris scanner

So far, the fingerprint sensor was built on hi-tech in the name of Smartphone and Phone Data Security. But Samsung has given the same fingerprint sensor along with this iris scanner, which will unlock as soon as the user is contacted.

Bluetooth 5.0

Samsung makes Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity extremely advanced in the Galaxy S8. Hardly have you ever seen in a phone that two devices connect simultaneously via Bluetooth. But in S8 you will get this facility. In it, you can connect two Bluetooth devices simultaneously i.e. capture two songs by adding two headphones or music player from the same phone.

Water proofing

Nowadays, almost every phone is made with IP rating and it is said to be water and dust inhibitor. But let's tell you that there is a huge difference between Splash Proof and Water Resistant and the Galaxy S8 is a water resistor in real life, which is IP 68 rated.

On Samsung Pay

On the one hand, where Digital India is being talked about, Samsung Galaxy S8 has been launched with the Samsung Pay Support. Smartphone users with Samsung Pay can integrate their debit or credit card into the phone, after which you will not need to swipe cards on any transaction.




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