Jio is offering attractive offers again, given the company information


TRAI has shut down the Free Complement of Reliance Jio and…

those who have not yet recharged 99 + 303, they will not get a 3 month compilation offer. But those people do not need to be overly disappointed because the company will soon bring attractive plans. For this, Geo has just given information on his website and app.

Although there is currently no information about the plan

but it is hoped that it will be very useful for the Prime Members. The company has written ‘We Are Updating Our Tariff Pax and Soon Introducing More Exciting Officers’. That is, we are updating our tariff plan and will soon bring you many great offers.

From this, you can understand that again the company is going to do something new.

Gauravtable Kapoor had given the information of Summer Surprising Information on March 31, but after a few days, TRAI suggested to stop this affair. Assuming that the company closed Summer Surprise After. Under the Summer Surprise accession, the company extended the period of taking the prime membership, which was earlier up to March 31, to 15 April. On the recharge of 99 + 303, the company was offering free service till June 30. While the 303 plan was active from July 1 to July 28th.

You can still get the prime membership of 99 but now you will not get free 3 months free plan on the 303 plan.

Those who have been recharged before Sunday, they will receive it. For those who are unable to recharge, the company is going to bring a new supplier soon. Experts believe that the company can launch the plan up to Rs. 150 by 28 GB 4G data.




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